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Approach to work

There’s a saying in modern corporate, ‘All innovation comes

from terrible management and shoddy work culture.’ We don’t necessarily agree.

Here at Risk Quotient, we are crazy about great ideas and doing things differently.

Which is why most of the time you’ll find us indulging in our eccentricities.

No wonder we’re inventing card games to simplify cybersecurity for end users and creating tools to centralize enterprise wide risk management.

We do not stop at the impossible.

But with great innovation, comes a great work ethic. At Risk Quotient, genius comes with responsible time management, respect for personal space and an unquenchable curiosity to learn more.

We also ensure that once a month, we all come together, for a collaborative learning experience. And with a bunch of dynamic individuals like us, it gets crazy at times-quantum physics and impromptu jamming sessions crazy.

Approach to work

Approach to work