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01 February 2021 / Customer Speak

Building a partnership for a robust Information Security & Privacy

Application Controls Audit

Risk Quotient and FIGmd - contributing towards a more secure healthcare IT operations

Customer Speak

“With PII comes great responsibility for privacy and security”- A caped crusader! 

FIGmd Inc. is a pioneer in providing Clinical Data Registry services to more than 19 medical societies in the US. FIGmd handles PHI (Protected Health Information) and hence needs to comply with the HIPAA act.

2 years ago, FIGmd partnered with us to help manage their information security and privacy risks.

Our goal was clear: collaborate with FIGmd to ensure that the security goals and objectives through Strategic, Tactical and On-ground assistance are met.

We began with our usual, comprehensive project on-boarding. Our teams met and we brainstormed together. We performed a detailed assessment of the current cloud-first setup at FIGmd and then jointly developed a security and privacy roadmap. 

One of Risk Quotient’s comprehensive enterprise-wide InfoSec risk assessment and Privacy Impact Assessment projects.

We have become an integral part of FIGmd security operations in the following projects:

  • Business Continuity Framework
  • HIPAA security and privacy requirements
  • HITRUST compliance
  • SIEM

Our team works in tandem with FIGmd’s InfoSec Team to achieve their vision of security. 

We're proud that our partnership with FIGmd allows us to contribute to more secure healthcare IT operations!