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25 September 2013 / Others

Beware of the false BBM apps

Application Controls Audit


Image Ever since Blackberry announced that they will release the BBM (Blackberry Messenger) for Android and iOS, there has been a good deal of anticipation. People from the ‘other worlds’ were waiting to get hands on this messenger. Meanwhile, the slimy underbelly of trojan (designed to look like having one purpose, but actually having another purpose) app developers have developed look-alike apps that are flooding the Google Play store by the dozen. Some of them even have their developers titled "Blackberry Apps" - very deceptive. Please do not download any of these apps. Wait till you are certain that the app is made by Blackberry. One way to check for authenticity is to see if the e-mail ID of the developer is actually a Blackberry ID. Most of these apps have some gmail IDs as the developer ID. I would like to quote the title of a blog that I follow - "Be Aware, Be Secure!"